4s Triumph over Terenure with bonus Point

Glynn seals bonus point win over Terenure

Metro League 5  –  Old Wesley 4ths 27  Terenure 14

Tries: Handcock (2), Coghlan, Glynn

Con: Handcock (2)

Pen: Handcock

(21st Oct) Darkness encroached Donnybrook stadium as Younger kicked us into play. Terenure showed desire from the start. Strong carries from their pack and the use of Hulk in from his wing got them off to a quick start. Early penalties plagued the Wyvern as it gave up early territory and points. 3-0 Terenure. Play continued in the Wesley half, as possession swapped hands. The big runners from Kinsale and Kilkenny began punching holes in Terenure’s defence as half breaks from Andy and Clax kick started some nice phase play. Clean handling saw the ball sprayed across the pitch with good yardage made out wide through wingers Flower and Handcock. A well-worked penalty saw Handcock levelling the score. 3-3. Wesley continued its attack, Stevie running to the line and utilizing Clatch’s recently shared secret move (DSP) to put Chris ‘Ezekiel Elliott’ Coughlan through the smallest gap between their largest players. Once beyond the grasps of the burly props Chris took off on a 60 yard dash heading straight up the middle, before looking left then cutting hard to the right leaving their full back, winger and this writer in his wake. Wesley 8-3.

Power, keen to make amends for hurting Guy’s feelings, forced his way into the middle of the attacking line, and much to the boisterous crowd’s surprise and anyone who’s played tip with him, plucked a low flying ball off his bootstraps before fizzing a flat apologetic pass into the hands of Creswell unleashing him. With their friendship restored, Creswell’s dancing feet took him away from the defenders and towards support where he found Glynn loitering on his outside who quickly popped it back inside to Handcock who raced in under the posts, converting his own try. Wesley 15-3.  Tries in quick succession saw Terenure panic and revert to the old tactic, ‘Get some men in the bin!’ Sam Moore’s Trojan work over the ball saw him win a penalty and while the ref wasn’t looking he received a slap to the face. The trap set and Handcock being the hard lad he is was straight over and knocked the offender to the ground, theatrics ensued as the oversized 12 crawled and whimpered on the deck like a pregnant walrus. A yellow card the outcome.

With a man down Creswell led a frenzied defensive line as Andy, Laner, Wallace and Taylor put in countless tackles (only which Clatch could put a figure on). Overzealous in defence Wesley coughed up a penalty and field position as Terenure kicked to the corner. A well-executed catch and drive saw them bowl over from five yards. 15-8. Halfbacks Willy and Stevie directed play back up the pitch and soon had the team up and running again as Stevie dinked a delightful ball in behind the hard pressing defence. In an effort to redeem himself Handcock chased with rested legs that looked like they’d been doing sweet all for the last 10 minutes as he dashed by Glynn to throw himself on the rolling ball as it crossed the line. 20-8.

The pendulum swung in the second half as Terenure held possession and position for large portions. Neglecting to kick the points on offer Wesley’s defence held firm.  A Wesley penalty became a five metre lineout and Glynn was sucked through a gaping hole that saw him spin around the final defender to score the 4th try.  With the bonus point secured management released Priesty’s biceps into the game. Unfortunately, it wasn’t all smiles as 30 seconds later he was appealing a yellow card for an unknown offence ‘please sir, it’s my first play!’ There was no talking to the ref but Wesley held out to finish the game 27-14.

With a few pints on board and Weapon wearing his best bowling shirt the night was really in full swing as Phil talked his missus through every second of that pass.

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