4ths win Top of the Table clash against Clontarf

Metro League Div 5  —  Old Wesley 27 – Clontarf 17

Tries: Priestman, McDonnell, Maybury, Pens: Maybury 2, Cons: Maybury 3

In a much anticipated top of the table encounter Clontarf came to avenge their home defeat. On this occasion Wesley were missing a number of key men including Doyler, Toaler, Clax and the formidable boot of Handcock to name but a few. Even with the many absentees coaches Clatch and Weapon still had the privilege to pick from a strong squad. Three young debutants came into the squad which brought the average age down quite dramatically (the drop in age helped of course by the absence of the never aging Heelo).

Unlike previous years this Wesley team are now a Friday night team but would a Saturday after a tough rough night before affect this team’s performance? The answer was simply no, after what can only be described as a speech by captain and leader of men DT that Mel Gibson in Braveheart would have been proud of. Wesley flew out of the blocks as if Clatch had provided the squad with that Lidl rocket fuel again. And with Younger and Glynner pulling the strings like they were in the orchestra, all was rosy in the garden. Any pillar defenders looking for a rest were kept on their toes as Priesty darted around the rucks. If that was not enough to think about there were also big rumbling carries from John Wallace and Sambo Moore. And for once Wesley’s ball retention was actually pretty good which is no coincidence after the recent fitness work. 

Anytime Wesley were on the back foot David “strong as an ox” Flower and Chris “fast as a cheetah” Coghlan would carry which must send the fear of God into the opposition. Priesty and Aaron both touched down in between two penalties from the reliable boot of Jack Maybury to make it 20-0. After that Clontarf began to build a foothold in the game mainly because Wesley couldn’t win their own lineout ball. No doubt Weapon will have a few wise words so the lineout is in better shape going forward. Clontarf carried well but they were met with some staunch defending with Yum Yums (aka Eric Parfrey), Cresswell and Andy Kelly putting in some spine tingling hits. As Wesley tired, discipline turned sour and a few soft penalties led to a Tarf try to leave it at 20-7 at half time.

Clontarf clawed it back to 20-17 after the second half started the way the first half ended. The tide was turning back Wesley’s way with Sully running his first ever train 10 line that BOD would have been proud of and Al O’Connor smashing lads like his role model Charles Bronson. But then Boyler was off his feet at the breakdown which led to a universal scream from 20 men of “Boyler” and expletives that should not be repeated. To save his skin Wes defended brilliantly with hits coming in from everyone including Phil power. And to polish it off Jack scored a great individual try to leave it at 27-17. That brought the game to an end with pizza and beer waiting. A good win and this team can only improve for the remainder of the season.

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