5s Dominate against Parkmore

Metro League 9 – Old Wesley 34 Parkmore 14

(15th October) Report by Andy Sullivan:

With all of Leinster in a buzz for the afternoon European game the sleepy players of the old Wesley 5s had their sights on another target. Disgruntled by the morning rain, the players begin their mental preparation for what lay ahead. Upon arrival a quick get to know each other suggested (which really would have made this easier)  Gresh snapped the attention back to the job needing to be done. After a Goldy locks scenario for Rob Fitz he eventually found a jersey he thought complimented his borrowed socks. Sam lead us out to the joy of “we’re on the 4g”, a comfort not usually received away from our Donnybrook fortress. With the warm up near finished BK graced us with his presence. The game kicked off. Wesley securing an early try on the wing to get a foothold and an early sniff of victory as the Parkmore defence crumbled to the Jim jam (I’m guessing as being the good front row I am I was out of sight and out of breath in our half). What followed was an onslaught of attack from Parkmore. Continued penalties for offside allowed them to play the territory game and pin the ball down Fitzer’s corner. Wesley’s defence was tested when they used the mail Sam leading his forwards to holdfast against the waves of driving mauls. Andy M poaching the ball allowed respite as Wesley slowly left their half. With Pollock junior pin point accuracy and Eric’s looming reach at four in the lineout the game began to make structure and Wesley camped down inside the opposition’s half once more. Wesley capitalising again through somebody; I’ll pick Arron for this one once again.  My duty as prop disallows any proper keeping up with break away attack but you all looked very nice from a distance. Eric ripping the ball from a maul inside our 22 allowed a sigh of relief and later amazement as his break away and boot to ball brought Wesley right back to enemy territory. A few handling errors from both teams lead to a scrum barrage which saw Goldie devour the opposition frustrated by the metre and a half push he was forced to exert.  His dominance in setting Wesley’s defensive line defiant of physics itself his line speed from an inside position could be only comprehended as offside to our bewildered ref who was partial to the classic crouch touch call at scrum. Ian sensing the old opposition tiring takes a hard line bomb and powerhouses his way though. For a man who says his props getting breathers continuously drew from all his reserves to place ownership on the bombs. BK establishing himself well in the game through half breaks and confusing everyone at opposition line outs. Half time with Parkmore opting for a cheeky reset with 16 men was slapped in the face by karma and fumbled forward the restart. Dominant scrum by Wesley again lead the backs to work their moves. Gresh proving that defence never suspect the old guy made a break from inside the 22 which resulted in a Wesley score coming from Jim jam (guess) young Josh and Andy returning to the field and a brave and intense attack from wee Josh, ferocity only remembered by his team mates in their years passed. Linking with myself on a half break I was enjoying the scrums and not having to run as much when the opposition had the ball accidentally decided to knock on during a tackle, maybe that sticky spray would have been of use. With Josh showing flare our old flame and power house joined the fray. I made way for Bursey (spelt right?) as he began to make powerful runs. Some mismatches and a lucky slice of the ball lead the opposition to score twice. I had a lovely chat with one of their supporters about the ridiculous idiocy of complaining about decisions made by the ref resulting in Wesley losing a further 10 metres and an easy kick for Parkmore. Eric making another break from deep our half with one man to beat was bundled up by their full back. Ball recycled Clayton scores in the corner. Graham coming on in the wing noticing the overlap used his magic to tackle both ball carrier and the offload receiver that shut down a definite try scoring chance. Our 15 did very well with screams of get rid of it his fast feet and pace sliced though the doglegged defence continuously and if I knew his name I’d compliment him but I don’t and that’s why everyone will be at training on Wednesday and match day doesn’t mean end of the game is home time

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