Old Wesley Supporters Club Draw €10 Per Month – Thousands to be won!

The Old Wesley “Supporters Club Draw” has been an important element of the club’s fundraising and fun activities for over 30 years. With the increasing demands for finance at all levels of the game the Supporters Club Draw is a cornerstone of the club’s annual budget, while at the same time offering our members to enjoy some fun – with opportunities to win attractive cash prizes.

Over the many years of the draw we have significantly increased the value of the “Prize Fund” and today the total fund stands at almost €30,000 each year.

For just €10 per month the Supporters Club Draw is an excellent opportunity to give additional support to your club and to win cash prizes each month. Existing members of the “Draw” can also increase their number of units thereby increasing the chance of winning!

To join simply click on the link and fill in the form online. Don’t like online forms? Call any of the Supporters Club Draw team – they will be glad to assist.

  • Robbie Love, M: 086 887 1110, E: robbie.love45@gmail.com
  • David Priestman, M: 087 258 1628, E: dave@sheeraninsurances.com
  • Alan Chapman, M: 086 233 3589, E: chapmanconsultancy1@gmail.com

Most Recent Winners











January 2021Richard White – 157Nigel Meredith – 304Alan Browning – 486Stephen Carson – 444
February 2021Mark Younge – 128Ken Richardson – 354Graham Blair – 127Jim Mackey – 559
March 2021Andrew Bowers – 525John Lowry – 530Craig Brownell – 135David Jermyn – 494
April 2021John Poynton – 423Neil Perry – 502Brian Molloy – 162Donald Beck – 581
May 2021John Lowry – 536Eddie Brownell – 481Brian McConnell – 410Patrick Hughes – 332
June 2021Jonny Willis – 563Fred Yoakley – 373Paul Sammon – 364Robin Fraser – 232


If you are not in the draw and would like to join or you are in and you would like to increase your units (lines) please  SIGN Up here.