Old Wesley Supporters Club Draw €10 Per Month – Thousands to be won!

The Old Wesley “Supporters Club Draw” has been an important element of the club’s fundraising and fun activities for over 30 years. With the increasing demands for finance at all levels of the game the Supporters Club Draw is a cornerstone of the club’s annual budget, while at the same time offering our members to enjoy some fun – with opportunities to win attractive cash prizes.

Over the many years of the draw we have significantly increased the value of the “Prize Fund” and today the total fund stands at almost €30,000 each year.

For just €10 per month the Supporters Club Draw is an excellent opportunity to give additional support to your club and to win cash prizes each month. Existing members of the “Draw” can also increase their number of units thereby increasing the chance of winning!

To join simply click on the link and fill in the form online. Don’t like online forms? Call any of the Supporters Club Draw team – they will be glad to assist.

  • Robbie Love, M: 086 887 1110, E: robbie.love45@gmail.com
  • David Priestman, M: 087 258 1628, E: dave@sheeraninsurances.com
  • Alan Chapman, M: 086 233 3589, E: chapmanconsultancy1@gmail.com

Most Recent Winners



  1st €1,250   2nd €650   3rd €350   4th €120
July 2022Paul Short – line 511 John Leeson – line 418*SPeter Nixon – line 318*Stuart Kinlan – line 276 
June 2022Billy Given – line 467Dermot Soraghan – line 417Stuart Kinlan – line 277Patrick Hughes – line 322
May 2022William Campbell line 108Alan Graham line 248Eugene Gilligan line 211David & Debby Orr line 326
April 2022Stan Browning line 143Alan Browning line 486Victoria Love line 504David Priestman line 342
March 2022John Fish line 223Terence Coghlan line 101Gordon Poff line 406*David Priestman line 344
Feb 2022Chris Steele line 551R &.A Macken line 400Nigel Correll line 453Peter Polden line 322
Jan 2022E Webb line 389John K Wallace line 380Tom Swan line 151Stan Mitchell line 420
Dec 2021Andrew Baird (113)Richard Vaughan (579)Brian McConnell (238)Peter Nixon (318)

*pro-rata to mothly cost – Punt / Euro exchange changes.

If you are not in the draw and would like to join or you are in and you would like to increase your units (lines) please  SIGN Up here.