Dear Member & Visitor,

Wherever you go the spread of Coronavirus and how it is affecting us all is of significance concern. Old Wesley Covid Safety Officer, Wayne Sheridan and Facilities Director, Ronan Bools have carried out an extensive review of the Club’s Health and Safety Planning. The initiative, led by Wayne, has designed and developed extensive plans and supporting documentation to protect all members and users of our facilities. We are immensely grateful to Wayne and to Ronan for the tireless work in this regard.

Should the situation change in any way we will take Government, Public Health and IRFU advice to amend and update our Health and Safety Plans. In the meantime, we thank everyone connected with the club for helping out where they can and for looking after one another. More importantly, we encourage everyone to take responsibility for their actions and for their own health & wellbeing.

Old Wesley is an historic and well respected club – we consider the document a must read for everyone connected with the club. Please take time to read it and review how an outbreak can be avoided and what you can do to stop the spread of COVID-19 into or within our club. 

Nigel Poff,


To review the document please click on the image or click here.