Facebook Broadcast – Trip Down Memory lane

Facebook Broadcast – Trip Down Memory lane

Favourite rugby memory? The one that makes you laugh out loud or makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end? Maybe it was your last ever game, or your first? Sometimes it’s not about what you are watching, but who you are watching it with. Maybe the match you scored in to win? Or the kick you missed to lose? Maybe it was meeting your idol and discovering that they ended up being a plonker! Perhaps it was attending a special game of a family member or a friend. Maybe it was “that tour”.

Tom and Adrian have this little video featuring a host of well know Old Welsey members as they share with us some of their favourite Wesley memories.

On Friday the 15th at 8:00pm a number of members share some of their favourite memories. Why not pour a glass of your favourite tipple and join us this Friday night at 8:00pm on our Facebook page – link below.


Our thanks to Tom & Adrian who both spent a lot of time putting this together for us and to all of the contributors for their submissions.

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