Give It A Try Girls Rugby at Old Wesley

Its been a blast so far as 24 girls have taken to the pitch for the last two weeks for this seasons Give It A Try programme.  The GIAT programme is an introductory programme designed by the IRFU and is seen as a way to introduce rugby to girls so that they take part in the sport in a fun, safe and happy environment.

Week 1 saw 24 girls turn up and take part in a number of different passing, evasion and running with the ball skills, as well scoring a try.  A great atmosphere was created by the girls and the coaches and the parents went home with a smile on their face knowing that their daughter had enjoyed the hour long session.

After a quick google form was completed by the girls it soon became apparent that their was appetite for tackling.  Week 2 saw the introduction of tackling to those who wanted to do it, and it soon became clear that through the guidance that was given that all the girls wanted to try tackling. And oh boy did the girls enjoy it.

Another six weeks to go, the big test of course will be the wet session, which TBH based on what we have seen so far wont be a problem for the girls.

A huge thank you to Daragh, Andrew, Patricia and Maya for all their support so far.  Its been a great start to the programme and we hope the rest of it continues to be fun.

For more information on the GIAT programme contact Chris at


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