Important Message for Existing Players

Important Message for Existing Players


3 steps to 2023 2024 Player Membership

Please do this ASAP!!

  1. Register with Old Wesley RFC
  2. Download Club Zap for Team Communications
  3. Register with Rugby Connect

See how below…

Existing Members

  1. Old Wesley RFC Membership Renewal Subscription

Old Wesley RFC | Other (

  • Renewal notices are sent by email every Friday to renew.

Choose Playing Members 2023/24 (Adult, Student, Under 20, Mini, Youth) EXISTING/RETURNING MEMBERS

  • Click on add member and you get to choose from the list. Mini Youth Family add parent first then child/children
  • Fill in all the required fields.
  • Make payment.

You can pay as a once off payment or in instalments.

  1. Download Club Zap App on your phone if you did not last season

ClubZap | Download The Mobile App

Once you arrive at the main Home Screen for Old Wesley, press on the ‘chat’ button at the bottom of the screen.  Once you are in chat page you need to join a chat by selecting the ‘chat’ icon (in the blue circle)

You will see your team listed press ‘Request to Join’ and the Admin will add you to the group.

  1. Rugby connect IRFU player registration

You will need to renew your registration in order to be eligible to play rugby or coach rugby for Old Wesley in the 2023/24 season. This is standard IRFU procedure for all players at all ages and levels, and all coaches, in Ireland.

If you have already renewed your registration, thank you and there is no need for you to do anything further.  If you have not renewed please read on and follow the instructions.

The renewal process allows you an opportunity to update your personal information in RugbyConnect. All parents and guardians renewing a youth membership will be required to upload a recent ‘headshot’ photograph that will be used in team sheets for the upcoming season.

Please renew as soon as possible so you can compete in games; you will not be eligible for selection on a team sheet until your renewal is complete. You can renew by clicking on the following link and logging into your Sportslomo account;


Please look for the RENEW button – scroll down if using a phone.

Renewing your registration has no effect on your current safeguarding status within the system.

If there is a youth currently registered on your account which needs to be updated to an adult registration and therefore have their own account created, please see guide on:

Note this is an IRFU process and is totally separate from the Old Wesley Membership and Registration system.




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