IRFU Spirit of Rugby

 IRFU Spirit of Rugby

As part of the IRFU Spirit of Rugby initiative, and with Inclusivity being one of our core rugby values we believe that everyone has a right to participate in sport and experience the positivity it offers, be it as a fan, player, coach or volunteer. It’s important that rugby is inclusive and welcoming to everyone, including those from the LGBTQ+ community. There are now more LGBTQ+ players than before and we want to create an environment where people can participate as themselves.

To explore how we can do more in this space, IRFU is hosting a webinar where we can hear from expert organisations working in this area as well share their lived experience. Join us on Tuesday 7th May at 7pm to gain an insight into creating an inclusive environment where we have access to the game in a welcoming manner irrespective of the role you play in your club and across the game. 

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