Irish Red Cross Donation Gratefully Received

Irish Red Cross Donation Gratefully Received

Dear Old Wesley RFC,

We received your wonderful donation of €1,100 on 27/04/22 and we wanted to take this opportunity to thank you personally for such a kind and generous gift. Like you, we’re deeply concerned by what’s happening in Ukraine. Violence has forced tens of thousands of Ukrainians from their homes and many are now desperately trying to reach safety. Together with your support, Red Cross teams are working around the clock to get urgent, lifesaving aid to the most vulnerable. In these circumstances, your gift will be a lifeline.

Your generosity will enable us to scale our humanitarian response and continue to help protect children, women and men caught up in this crisis. Your compassion and generosity inspire everything we do here at the Irish Red Cross. And we are so grateful for your support.  So on behalf of everyone here at the Irish Red Cross – and on behalf of the many people whose lives you will help to save – thank you for caring as much as you do.

Yours sincerely,

Irish Red Cross

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