Leinster Branch Competition Regulations Summary

1. Team Sheets to be given to Referee and other team 30 minutes BEFORE the match. Changes to be brought to attention of Referee and other team and confirmed electronically within 48 hours of match. “Guest “ players to be explained to Branch by email within 48 hours.

2. Front Row Substitutions to be clearly marked. 2 front row substitutes required in every competition with the exception of Metro 10/11 where there is no front row requirement.

3. If there is a clash of colours the home team must change.

4. The playing enclosure of main pitch to be defined by a fence or if impractical by a rope.

5. Technical Zones to be strictly enforced with coaches, medical staff (3 max) and sin binned players to remain in zone.

6. If there is a doubt about the fitness of the ground the referees decision is final

7. There are 5 substitutions in all competitions with the exception of Under 20’s where there are 7 and Metro 10/11 where there are 12 allowed to be togged out.

8. Maximum of 12 rolling Subs per match. Each Team to have 12 cards available for referee. A player leaving the field for a blood injury and returning is 2 changes, red and yellow cards are not changes unless a player on for a yellow card remains on.

9. If a team are unable to field front rows from the start then the match will proceed with the offending team to play the match with a maximum of 14 players and they MUST have 8 players in the pack.

10. If as a result of not having sufficient front row substitutions so that after an injury or red /yellow card the match continues with uncontested scrums then the team unable to field the front rows cannot replaced that front row player reducing their team by one and they must have 8 players in the pack.

11. Matches shall be 80 minutes. In Cup matches or League play-offs if there is a draw there shall be 20 minutes extra time unless the referee decides that due to conditions, light etc. that the match should not proceed.