Medical Expenses and Insurance Cover

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Old Wesley facilitates two forms of insurance for its players and match officials. The following outlines the cover in place, who is covered and how to make a claim.

Who is Covered
The policy provides compensation for any duly elected and current paid-up member of Old Wesley whilst acting on its behalf as a Player, Coach, Touch Judge, Referee, Referee Inspector, Selector, Official Doctor, Official Masseur or Official Officer.

Serious Accident Cover
This cover provides for persons described above who receive serious injuries involving loss or use of limbs or eyes, total disability or death. Thankfully no Old Wesley member has ever had to claim against such insurance however Old Wesley believes it is essential to have this cover in place.

A minimum level of cover is compulsory under IRFU rules for all affiliated clubs. The Scheme is arranged by the Irish Rugby Football Union with AON Insurance Brokers and Consultants to provide fixed benefits for serious accidents incurred whilst playing or officially training for Old Wesley. Old Wesley tops up this cover by a further amount

The total benefits are as follows:

Death –  €575,000
Losses of single limb or one eye – €287,500
Losses of two limbs or both eyes – €575,000
Permanent Total Disablement – €725,000
Severe injury involving permanent loss of use of both legs and arms (ie. paralysis from neck down)  – Additional €850,000

General Medical Cover
This cover provides for medical expenses incurred by players for routine injuries incurred whilst playing or training for Old Wesley. The cover is for Medical Expenses (but not loss of earnings) up to €750 (excess €100) for any one claim including surgical, medical, physiotherapy and dental.

As this protection is limited in amount, Old Wesley strongly recommends that Players and officials consider having in place their own medical expenses cover to reflect their own personal circumstances. In addition you may be entitled to claim for medical expenses by way of a tax rebate against your, or a parent’s, income tax. Further information on this is available from the Revenue Commissioners.

A claim for compensation must first be made against any private medical healthcare policy in place and after payment received, a Player may approach the Club to seek potential reimbursement of any expenses not paid, up to the Club’s Policy limit of €750 (less excess of €100).

Limit of Cover
The benefits detailed above represent the maximum limit of any expenses that may be claimed. Old Wesley stresses that it will not accept liability for any other medical expenses no matter how they may be incurred.

How to make a claim
If you incur medical expenses and believe you are entitled to make a claim you should complete a Medical Expenses claim form. The completed form should be submitted together with relevant receipts to your team manager for processing.

Your team manager will pass the form and relevant paperwork to the Club’s Medical Insurance Liaison officer who will submit the claim on your behalf to the Insurers. If entitled to any benefit, a payment will be issued to Old Wesley, who in turn, will pass this on to you.

Further Information:
For further information please contact the Club’s Hon. Secretary or your Team Manager.

Players and Officers are advised that the above cover is limited.  Old Wesley RFC strongly recommends that in addition you carry your own personal Medical Insurance Cover.  In addition AON, in association with the IRFU, offer individuals the opportunity to top up the standard insurance cover that the club policy provides.

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Updated January 2018