Play the game, have fun & lets keep each other safe.

Player safety & Concussion in Rugby

Player safety is the most important thing for all rugby players of all ages be it a young mini just starting out or the 48 year old Vet who refuses to be dropped from the 5s. It is our duty to keep the players around us safe. It is the responsibility of players, coaches referees, support staff  & parents together but does not sit on just one persons shoulders. With this in mind we have created this section of the Old Wesley Website to house information about keeping players safe. This has been made easier with the new concussion guidelines that have been released by the IRFU. While it is the referees job to know the laws and enforce them, it is the players job to play by those laws but it is every rugby person’s job to understand the importance of good concussion protocol. Without it we risk the safety of our players and the future of the game we all love.

IRFU Concussion Protocol 

The importance of this was recently highlighted in a letter to all rugby people by the IRFU’s Director of Rugby Development Scott Walker. In the letter Scott highlights the difference between how concussion is treated in the professional and amateur game. These differences are very important to understand and you can read the full letter here

The IRFU have also produced a guide to concussion in rugby and also a handy pocket guide to Concussion Recognition both can be downloaded from Irish Rugby.

Free Baseline Concussion tests

For players who are interested Leinster Rugby and Laya Healthcare have teamed up to provid Free Baseline Concussion Tests for players. The deadline to register for these free tests has now been extended to 4th of April. This is a great opportunity to bring peace of mind to those who may have suffered concussion and ensure they continue to follow correct rest and recovery protocols. It’s imperative that each player has carried out a baseline test which can act as a comparison should a suspected concussion take place

Video Tutorials 

The IRFU have also created some great videos to help all rugby people understand concussion more and are tailored to your involvement in rugby.
Introduction To Concussion Guidelines

Concussion Guidelines For Senior Players                  Concussion Guidelines For Coaches

Concussion Guidelines For Parents                   Concussion Guidelines For Referees