Our New Club Crest

Our New Club Crest

When Old Wesley was originally established 1891 it was easier to hold firm to the Club Crest and how it was used. Today, it is easy to misuse our club Crest–different fonts, different font sizes. Whilst this is not critical for our Clubs survival, it is important in a digital & social media age for the Club to have a singular look and distinctive image. The revamp of our club Crest and the clear expression of our club ethos is an important moment and we hope all involved will embrace it fully – the purpose of which is to:

  • Present a consistent visual identity to bring recognition and interaction by providing clear documented Club Brand and Crest standards can help all volunteers uphold our club standards and ethos.
  • Our Club Crest is one of the cornerstones of our visual identity. Club Crest brand guide is an important document, providing instruction on how the Club Crest can, and cannot, be used.
  • Guidelines for size, positioning, margins and colours are clearly outlined, as well as various illustrations for all acceptable variations (colour, black and white, horizontal, vertical, etc.) of the Club Crest depending on placement and usage.
  • Our brand guidelines specify a primary set of HEX (web) Pantone (print) colours to use for the majority of our communication materials. We also have agreed a secondary colour palette to use as accents that can help enhance design of social media elements and templates.

We have one of the oldest and most venerable Crests we hope that you embrace the modernisation and work with us to apply it wherever it is used. For more information click on this link: Old Wesley Brand Guidelines v1.6 , or email: mark.egan@sureskills.com. 

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