Player Registration

Last season the IRFU introduced a new Player Registration System. It applies to all players and coaches from adult to mini.  Most players and coaches registered successfully with Old Wesley, however some may not have registered, mainly due to the fact that there was no Junior or Under 20s competition rugby. Whichever category you fall into there is an important action that you need to carry out in order to be eligible to play or coach rugby in the coming season.  This also includes players who may have recently transferred to Old Wesley.

If you did register last season, you now need to renew your registration for the coming season.  You should have already received a message in this regard from the IRFU.  Note that renewal of registration is something all players and coaches will be required to do on an annual basis.

If you did not register last season, no problem, you can do so now.

Details on how to carry out both actions are shown below.  Please carry out the action applicable to you as soon as possible in order to be eligible to play or coach rugby. Note that in the case of mini and youth players a parent may carry out the above.


  1. How to renew your Registration for season 2021-22

  • Change the Num of Members for your membership type to 1, then click Continue
  • You should see this screen

Click the pull down menu beside “Please Select”, and select your name.  Then click Continue

  • You should then see your personal details. Take the opportunity to review these details and amend as necessary. You will need to select “I am signing up for” and “Nationality
  • Click all the “I accept” boxes under Waiver
  • Type in your name under Signature. Then click Register

This should complete your registration for 2021-22


2. How to Register, if not previously done.

  • Create your account by inserting the relevant details and click Register to proceed
  • Proceed as instructed to complete your registration

Any queries please contact:

Adult players (over 18) – Ken Richardson, Mob 085 1745499, Email

Mini/Youth players – Patricia Parfrey, Mob 086 3579314, Email


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