Pride Colours Proudly Displayed

If you are browsing the Old Wesley digital media channels over the next couple of weeks, you’ll be likely to do a double take. OWRFC is wearing the colours of the rainbow until Saturday, 26th June, the Dublin Pride day. 
“Our support for Dublin Pride is part of our club STRIVE ethos,” said Nigel Poff, President of Old Wesley RFC. “Our message to all members, friends and supporters is to be yourself and that it’s safe to be who you are.” Poffy went on to say, “Sport brings people together, it gives people a sense of belonging, and it fills them with great pride and passion. Our club is a gathering place for people from all over Ireland – people that love rugby and love the special inclusivity ethos that pervades every part of our club.”Also commenting on the display of Pride colours, Peter Squires, Chairperson at Old Wesley RFC said: “This year of all years, we are hoping that all men, women, boys and girls throughout Ireland see our club and many others throughout Ireland wearing the pride colours so that they too can feel that they are not alone, that they can be themselves and that they can achieve their dreams, no matter what that dream might be and no matter who they are.” 

Old Wesley Ethos – STRIVE


At our core we are sportsmen & sportswomen determined and focused on winning but also respecting our sport and  fair play.



We work as a team in everything that we do.
We are selfless, we are caring and supportive.



We hold our sport & its values in high esteem, we value all participants in our game. We take responsibility for safeguarding our club ethos.



We are inclusive, we celebrate our comradery which transcends cultural, race, geographic, political, gender and religious differences.



We compete with vigour at every level & thereby learn to respect each individual in our game. We love to win; for our team, our club and for our game. 



We strive for excellence in everything we do.
We love the learning, enjoyment, self esteem building & health benefits that rugby & our club brings to us all; we are “A Club for Life!”

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