Respect Our Game Initiative – 2nd to 4th Feb

Respect Our Game Initiative – 2nd to 4th Feb

One of the main reasons why adults drop out of sport is that they feel “they didn’t belong or didn’t feel welcomed”. Specifically, young players say, “it wasn’t fun anymore”. When people have a positive experience, they stay involved for longer and may look to give back to the club during their membership. From The IRFU State of the Game Survey conducted in 2022, 55% of players 43% of coaches and 47% of referees surveyed feel that poor sideline behavior is a big threat to the game and made them reconsider their role in the game.

This weekend the IRFU are calling on all clubs to take part in a series of activities over the weekend of 7th-8th October to remind all those of the values of the game, specifically the importance of RESPECT, for players, volunteers, members and spectators.

The purpose of the weekend is to highlight our values and to showcase all that is good in rugby through involvement in the club. It is an opportunity to showcase to new members and the local community how rugby can positively contribute to our lives when carried out in a respectful and safe environment. Initiatives, such as fair play awards at adult games, silent/positive sidelines at youth games and/or presentations to the parents and coaches on their influential role within the game could be a part of the weekend.

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