Return to Rugby – COVID-19 Safety Reminder

Hi to all,
COVID-19 Safety will be a part of rugby for some time. For us to be able to continue to play games safely, there must be a culture of COVID-19 safety in clubs that drives good habits, safe behaviours and gets games played. Team sports are built on trust. You trust your team mate to fulfil their role. You are trusted to do yours.

So if games are to be played in the 2021/22 season, we all need to step up. Many of our new habits are challenging. It’s hard to coach with a mask on, it’s disappointing to miss training because of a symptom and we’ve all missed access to dressing rooms. Sometimes we just want things to be the way before. We don’t know if or when that can happen. But we can play rugby right now. It’s the game we love and it’s the game we must protect and that means having measures in place for everyone’s safety.

Vaccination, mask wearing and responsible personal behaviour are the most important steps we can take in protecting our game. Please take a moment to remind yourself of some of the important things we must do and continue to do every week.

Colin McEntee,
IRFU Rugby Development Director


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