Affiliated with Old Wesley Rugby Football Club and based at the amazing Energia Park (Donnybrook Stadium), we are the largest touch rugby club in Ireland (FIT rules). Established in 2015, we have been training and competing regulary, and are focused on growing the game in Ireland. We training at 19.30 every Monday at Energia Park with matches following at 20.15; all are welcome to join!

Contact us

Email: touch@oldwesley.ie or find us on Instagram/Facebook as Old Wesley Touch

Our 2022/2023 membership packages will be available to purchase through ClubZap from July/August 2022

  • New and existing members will be asked to register/renew through ClubZap

We are also moving to ClubZap for club communications and going forward, you will receive all training and match notifications through this;

  • Download the ClubZap app
  • Search for ‘Old Wesley RFC’
  • Input your details to create your account
  • Once you arrive at the main Home Screen for Old Wesley, press on the ‘chat’ button at the bottom of the screen
    • Once you are in chat page you need to join a chat by selecting the ‘chat’ icon (in the blue circle)
  • You will see your team listed, press ‘Request to Join’ and the Admin will add you to the group


What is touch rugby?

Touch rugby or often just touch is a minimum contact sport for players of all ages, genders and ability. Compared to contact rugby, touch rugby is known for its simplicity (requiring minimal equipment), ease of learning and decreased chance of injury! It is a fast growing game played all over the world and has regular national, regional and international competitions. Usually touch rugby is played in three separate categories: Womens, Mens and Mixed with several age categories also.

How is it different from Tag rugby?

Touch rugby is commonly mistaken to be the same as tag rugby! However, the style of play in touch is very different to tag rugby with a few key rules being different. Touch does not require the use of tags with a ‘touch’ being enforced when the defending player touches any part of the body of the ball carrier. Further, the attacking team is allowed to initiate the ‘touch’ adding in a more strategic element to the game and also allowing for more fluid play.

How can I play?

You are most welcome to come join Donnybrook Touch and play with us. We organise training sessions every Monday night from 19.30 at Donnybrook Stadium (Energia Park) with games following at 20.15. Either just turn up to one of these sessions or drop us a line through our email above or our facebook page.

We also enter teams into the Ireland Touch Series (ITS) and Developing Touch Series (DTS) with games against other clubs in Dublin and Ireland. Finally, every year we go on several tours sending teams to international competitions and these are renowned to be great craic!

Where can I find all the rules of the game?

You can find the full rules of Touch Rugby (FIT rules) here.