This year, we are delighted to announce the return of the Old Wesley Touch Bake Off.

This event had been a crowd favourite before COVID and now, we are very excited to showcase some of the amazing (and surprising) baking skills of our friends and teammates.

  • The format this year involves three rounds, as well as a final round for all our winners (of course, everyone is a winner in our eyes!)
  • Three judges (holding 50% of the voting power), and 5 contestants battling it out to progress to the final round
  • The remaining 50% of the votes will be split amongst club members on the day
  • Round 1: 14th February, Round 2: 21st March, Round 3: 14th April, Final Round: 16th May

Round 1

  • When: 14th February
  • Theme: The 6 Nations – our contestants had to factor any of the participating countries (bar Ireland) into their baking
  • Judges: Ron Degani, Issy Tierney, Anjukan Kathirgamanathan
  • Bakers: Rachel Speer, Brian Leveau, Eoin Naughton, Kate Ballance, Jamie Maher

Kate Ballance
'Spaghetti & Meatball' cupcakes

Brian Leveau

Jamie Maher
Amaretti biscuits

Rachel Speer
'Rugby' cupcakes

Eoin Naughton

Congratulations to Brian Leveau and Jamie Maher who progress to the final round on the 16th of May!

Round 2

  • When: 21st March
  • Theme: St Patrick’s Day – our contestants have to factor in the color green and/or alcohol into their baking (please drink responsibly!)
  • Judges: Jamey Kingston, Rebecca Phelan, Piotr Dolgoruki
  • Bakers: Andy King, Michael Kearney, Faye St Leger, Darragh Forster, Annabel Redmond

Darragh Forster
Chocolate Guinness Cake

Michael Kearney
'Green-iced' Cookies

Annabel Redmond
Key Lime Pie

Faye St Leger
'Green-filled' Cookies

Andy King
'Green-iced' Choc Biscuit Cake

Congratulations to Darragh Forster and Andy King who progress to the final round on the 16th of May!

Round 3

Stay tuned…!

Good luck to all those competing! Everyone else, enjoy!